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Company profile

What makes Tidetech Unique?

  • We specialise in providing accurate and detailed information about tidal currents, ocean currents, meteorological data, waves and sea temperature - much of which is not obtainable anywhere else.
  • The expertise of our science team is second to none. Tidetech partners are former UK government research scientists, recognised by their peers as leaders in the field of physical oceanography.
  • We are focussed on making our high-quality data accessible to as wide a range of users as possible and to continue to be the market leader in providing oceanographic data and consultancy to our customers.

Company History

  • Tidetech was formed in November 2008 by Dr Roger Proctor and Penny Haire. Tidetech is an Australian company based in Hobart, Tasmania.
  • Tidetech was awarded the contract to supply data for the 34th America's Cup in May 2011 and was named as technical supplier to the Volvo Ocean Race in September 2011 and provides consulting services to the Australian Olympic Sailing Team
  • Since late 2011, Tidetech's primary focus has been provision of consulting services to the commercial marine sector, in particular  the provision of data for route and speed optimisation for commercial shipping.
Our Key People

Dr Roger Proctor, BSc (Maths), PhD (Physical Oceanography), Science Director

Dr Roger Proctor

Credentials and Publications PDF_symbol.png


  • Dr Proctor has a high profile at an international level. He is currently:
  • The Director of the Australian Ocean Data Network
  • A member of the US-IOOS (Integrated Ocean Observing System) data management and communications steering team
  • On the advisory board of two European Union Research projects
  • On the steering comittee of an EU-led international ocean data interoperabilty project
  • A member of the data management comittee of the Southern Ocean Observing System.
  • Previously Roger was a research scientist at the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (now National Oceanography Centre) UK between 1979 and 2008. As a research specialist in coastal oceanography; he published over 70 peer-reviewed journal papers and more than 100 other publications.

Expertise in:

  • Tide and storm surge modelling, research studies and development of operational forecast systems.
  • Three-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling, biogeochemical modelling, bio-physical interactions. Originator of POLCOMS (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Coastal Ocean Modelling System), a 3-dimensional modelling system consisting of interacting modules resolving barotropic and baroclinic hydrodynamics, surface wind waves, sediment transport, biogeochemical processes, and sea ice. Provided the UK Meteorological Office with 3-dimensional operational forecast model for the Northwest European Shelf and the world’s first operational ecosystem forecasting model.
  • Coastal observing systems – from 2000-2007 leader of POL research program ‘model and observation systems for coastal seas’. Initiated coastal observing system in Liverpool Bay (http://coastobs.pol.ac.uk), consisting of meteorological observations, ship surveys, fixed moorings, ships of opportunity, HF coastal radar, X-band coastal radar, tide gauge network, satellite remote sensing. Experience in leading ship surveys; deploying moorings; equipping ships of opportunity with surface sensors; analysing HF and X-band radar signals; analysing ADCP, other current meter data; analysing tide gauge data; analysing remote sensing data.
  • Applications of particle-tracking (individual based models) for oil spill prediction, search and rescue, fish larvae recruitment.
  • Applications of tidal models to palaeo-oceanography; development of global and regional tidal models and interpretation of a range of epochs between 300My BP and the present.
  • Data management, data integration – from 2008-present Director of Information Infrastructure for the AUD$150m Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (www.imos.org.au) , responsible for the management, discovery of, and access to, a comprehensive suite of measurement platforms and sensors in the oceans and seas around Australia.
  • Elite sailing support – oceanographic consultant to the British Olympic Sailing Team in 1988 (Pusan, S Korea), 1992 (Barcelona), 1996 (Atlanta), 2000 (Sydney) 2004 (Athens), 2008 (Qingdao). Development of tidal models and current models as required; planning and direction of field measurement programs, including small boat surveys; analysis of field data; interpretation seminars for sailors and coaches; development of digital tidal/current atlases for day-to-day strategy. Developer of tidal stream atlas for the Solent region (UK) for the RYA Admirals Cup challenge (1989).
- see  Dr Proctor's credentials  and publications

Dr Roger Flather, Bsc (Maths), PhD (Physical Oceanography)
Modelling Consultant

RogF.jpgCredentials and Publications Dr Flather Credentials


  • A pioneer in coastal oceanography, Dr Flather is considered by his peers to be a pre-eminent research scientist in the field of tidal/surge modelling. He was responsible for operational tide/surge forecast modelling in the UK for 30 years, including development of the UK Government's storm surge model, which informs decisions on whether to raise or lower the Thames Barrier in London.
  • Research Scientist at the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (now National Oceanography Centre), Liverpool, UK between 1974 and 2006. Research specialist in coastal oceanography; published over 90 peer-reviewed journal papers and more than 100 other publications.

Expertise in:

  • Tide and storm surge modelling – developer of the first operational numerical model-based tide-surge forecast systems in the UK in 1978.
  • Tide modelling – applications in regions with different tidal phenomena, e.g. west coast USA / Canada; NW European shelf; Indian Ocean
  • Tropical cyclone modelling – Bay of Bengal cyclone warning system and monsoon flood forecasting systems  
  • Prediction of sea level rise under climate change scenarios
  • Application of statistical methods for predicting extreme sea level rise return periods
  • Development of numerical methods for ocean models – originator of the ‘Flather’ radiation boundary condition for limited area models-in universal use by ocean modellers worldwide; developer of wetting and drying methods for inter-tidal regions

- see publications by Dr Flather


David Shearer, General Manager


  • David has 25 years of corporate relationship and contract management experience in Australia, Europe and Asia.
  • MBA – Finance and International Business, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Bachelor of Business
  • David has extensive maritime experience in the sail training field and knowledge of electronic navigation and route optimisation systems.
  • David is to develop and manage client relationships, ensuring that the highest standards of quality, service and ethics are maintained

Penny Haire, Managing Director


  • Penny has 20+ yrs experience as a skipper and navigator with specialist knowledge of the theory and practice of electronic navigation.
  • Previously she was Chief Instructor for the RYA Yachtmaster scheme 
  • Penny is a former Trustee of the UK National Maritime Museums at Greenwich and Falmouth
  • Penny’s role is the intermediary between the science world and the maritime world, understanding the requirements of the marine user community and translating this into the requirements for scientific information.

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