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Optimise your efficiency with Tidetech

Tidetech - Environmental Data for Sustainable Shipping

Tidetech’s scientific expertise and ability to produce and deliver high quality data makes it unique in the maritime industry.

  • Tidetech specialises in providing accurate and detailed information about tidal currents, ocean currents, meteorological data, waves and sea temperature. Global data products are created using hydrodynamic and meteorological models, satellite and ocean observations.
  • Our partners are former UK government research scientists, recognised by their peers as leaders in the field of physical oceanography. Our particular field of expertise is in tide and storm surge modelling, research studies and development of operational forecast systems.
  • We have highly specialised expertise in system architecture for managing large scale, complex meteorological and oceanographic datasets and development of systems and applications to customise data delivery for individual customer requirements.
  • Data is integrated with our API into third party applications for the commercial marine industry.
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