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Two ship efficiency trials underway

We’re beginning trials on two ships over the next two months – one on a container ship and one on a cruise ship in Southeast Asia.

We’ll be providing raw data for inclusion in systems that coordinate the complete optimisation of a vessel from ballast and trim to engine revs and route optimisation.

By adding Tidetech’s leading oceanographic data of tidal and ocean currents, sea surface temperatures and wave height, length and direction forecasts, the optimisation systems will be able to add these forecasts to the mix allowing them to further optimise speed and route.

In our previous trial on Carnival cruise ships – working on the Gulf Stream routes at the end of 2011 – we were able to demonstrate bunker savings between one and four per cent.

If the trials are successful, we hope to be rolling oceanographic data supply into many ships’ optimisation systems and work towards improved fuel use and reduced emissions.



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