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Tidetech has partnered with the leading developers of tactical and navigation software to allow seamless selection and download of grib files directly into your favourite applications.

An integrated API allows you to minimise bandwidth by selecting the region and time steps you need.


To use your Tidetech subscription with Expedition you need to purchase Expedition separately first.

Expedition has been used in multiple Volvo Ocean, America's Cup and Grand Prix events and is the most advanced and usable software available – for racing around the world or your local harbour

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Expedition Software


To use your Tidetech subscription with Adrena, you need to purchase Adrena or download their free grib viewer.

Adrena provides three ranges of product – First, Standard and Pro. Thanks to a complete and progressive offer that fits any level of sailing, the software satisfies the amateur through to professional teams alike.

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Adrena (Fr)

Adrena propose trois gammes de produits (First, Standard et Pro) au monde de la voile. Grâce à une offre complète et évolutive, ses logiciels satisfont aussi bien les besoins des plaisanciers que ceux des skippers professionnels.
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