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Tidetech to supply NAPA oceanographic data for vessel optimisation

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24 July 2013

Tidetech and NAPA have agreed the supply of tidal current prediction data for ship optimisation, initially for South East Asia and UK–Europe.

Following a successful three-month trial aboard a 8,530DWT cruise ship – using Tidetech’s Singapore and Malacca Straits models – the agreement includes developing an expanded data model to cover the vessel’s full operating area of Phuket, eastern Thai waters, east side of Malaysia and the Malacca and Singapore Straits.


Tidetech managing director Penny Haire said the trial had demonstrated the capability for flexible, custom data delivery and the instant, low cost efficiency gains to be found through integrated oceanographic data.

“We supplied a custom data file which is pre-defined by NAPA to suit the bandwidth capability of the vessel [for download],” Ms Haire said.

“Integrating our data into optimisation systems and software is a relatively simple, quick and low-cost way for ships to gain demonstrable percentage savings in bunkerage and emissions.”

To ensure maximum information with minimum bandwidth, Tidetech, NAPA and the cruise line together defined the critical areas of operation. Tidetech then extracted focused data from the broader model.

Napa executive vice president for operations Esa Henttinen said Tidetech’s knowledge in Metocean data and meteorology, combined with NAPA’s expertise in shipping software, has resulted in material reductions in CO2 emissions and increased eco-efficiency.

“By adding Tidetech’s accurate oceanographic data to NAPA’s voyage optimisation solution, we have been able to provide our customers with more precise voyage predictions,” Mr Henttinen said.

“Automated process also reduces remarkably the time needed for daily voyage planning.”

The successful cruise ship trial resulted in NAPA immediately adding Tidetech’s North Sea and English Channel models to UK–Europe ferry routes.

Penny Haire said cruise ships and passenger ferries were already well equipped to download data files.

“Passenger vessels in particular usually already have broadband connections aboard,” she said.

“With optimisation solutions in place, it’s relatively straightforward to integrate the data once downloaded.”

In addition to expanding its SE Asia model to Thai waters, Tidetech is also developing a 100m resolution model for the Singapore Straits and a 1km model for the South China Sea region.