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Easy Currents - Real Time Current Measurement Buoy

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26 November 2014

EasyCurrents measures water current speed and direction and displays this information in a user friendly web interface, accessible by portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets via a wireless network.


Every sailor knows that wind conditions are the most important factor in sailing regattas; but not all are aware that marine currents, an invisible factor, should also be seriously taken into account. Currents can significantly affect tactics and performance at start-lines where they can contribute to early starts, wrong layline calculations and distances regarding buoy turns. Currents have proved to be relevant at key events such as the America’s Cup 2013 in San Francisco or London 2012 Olympics; and will for sure acquire a starring role at the 2016 Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro’s Guabara Bay.

Currents can be predicted by theoretical models, but these are scarce or even Non-existent in some areas, and do not provide full accuracy and precision. Furthermore, models need to be complemented by observations, for empiric verification. However there is a gap regarding observations: either rudimentary methods are used, such as: throwing and apple, sponge or current stick, and manually estimating the current speed and direction; or on the other side, expensive and in most cases large scientific equipment. EasyCurrents is born, given the need of obtaining REAL-TIME, EASY, FAST and ACCURATE current measurements.


EasyCurrents is a reduced dimensions buoy designed for sailors, by sailors, together with marine engineers and scientists support. EasyCurrents measures water current intensity and direction, and displays this information in a user friendly web interface, accessible by portable devices such as mobile phones and tablets via a wireless network. No communication costs and no installation requirements make EasyCurrents a high-tech innovation within the sailing sector.


Sailors can obtain reliable results before every regatta, as many times as they wish, ensuring updated information which can help them take decisions and improve performance. 

EasyCurrents has been recently released in two versions; BASIC and PRO, which includes advanced exporting options, and is ready to meet its public: www.easycurrents.com.