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11 March 2014

In 2013 we announced an agreement with NAPA to supply tidal and current data for ship optimisation, initially for South East Asia and UK–Europe.

The agreement began following an extensive trial aboard an Asian-based, 8,500DWT cruise ship, concluding with immediate implementation aboard that vessel and another NAPA client, a North Sea/English Channel ferry.

We have now implemented our data service with NAPA aboard three vessels.

NAPA is benefiting from the immediate, low-cost benefits of voyage optimisation using ocean and tidal currents for speed and route optimisation, gaining marked benefits in reduced fuel, minimised time at sea and lower emissions.

Our data supply to NAPA is operating seamlessly with data being downloaded direct to the NAPA vessel optimisation system aboard the ships via broadband.

We’re looking forward to expanding the service for NAPA customers over the next few months.