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Pole Star integrates Tidetech weather data

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14 March 2014

Pole Star, a leading provider of maritime monitoring and fleet tracking solutions, has announced today that it has joined forces with Tidetech and integrated the oceanography specialist’s meteorological data into its commercial marine services.

Tidetech weather data has been rolled out to Pole Star’s Fleet Management, SSAS Alert Advanced and Marine Asset Tracker 2.0 customers.

Users of Pole Star’s commercial marine services will benefit from current and up to 7-day weather forecasts displayed as graphical overlays. Available weather conditions include sea surface temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction.

“We are pleased to announce that we have rolled out Tidetech weather to our commercial marine customers,” said Peter Davies, Chief Technology & Marketing Officer at Pole Star. “With up to 7-day forecast weather every six hours, our customers will be able to monitor forecast sea conditions, plan departures from port, build a complete situational picture of their fleet and improve their route planning capabilities” continued Mr. Davies.

There’s more to come according to Andrew Peters, CEO at Pole Star. “The strategic partnership with Tidetech means that we will be able to introduce met ocean features that will enhance our already strong value proposition and commitment to our customers.”

Tidetech managing director Penny Haire said the company is delighted to be working with a market leader and innovator like Pole Star.

“The partnership is an opportunity to support Pole Star and its broad range of customers with advanced metocean data, and work together to identify the growing information needs of global shipping,” Ms Haire said.

“Collaborating with Pole Star is further affirmation of the importance of met-ocean data in fleet management and vessel optimisation.”

Pole Star’s systems are used to track nearly 40,000 vessels (more than half the world’s fleet). Its secure, web-based tracking and SSAS services operate using Pole Star’s IsatData Pro and IsatM2M terminals, the ship’s Inmarsat-C terminal or other third-party hardware (such as Transas ShipGuard) – allowing users to track their fleet in a single system, irrespective of the hardware installed aboard the ship.