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Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Sydney to Hobart Race 2019

For the 75th race anniversary we are offering a very special package of grib files and an analysis by Dr Roger Proctor

Specialist grib products:

  • Combined Ocean and Tidal Current, SSH Forecast - 6 days, 0.1 deg resolution, timestep=60mins. (Tidetech)
  • Ocean Current and SSH Analysis - 0.25 deg resolution (CSIRO / IMOS)
    • Sea Surface Temperature satellite observation - 24hr composite - 0.01 deg (BOM)
      • Sea Surface Temperature satellite observation - latest - 0.01 deg (BOM)
        • South East Tasmania currents and wind - 5 days, 500m resolution, 60 min timestep (CSIRO)

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          Sydney to Hobart Currents and Sea Surface temperature